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We have started a petition to DEEM CHURCH ESSENTIAL.  This a recognized petition in the Ontario Legislature.   

Thank you for considering signing and sharing this petition.

During the pandemic, Doug Ford deemed church non-essential, virtually forcing churches to close allowing only 10 people in the building at any given time.

The Ford government has overstepped its bounds by infringing our Charter protected rights to worship without interference. The fact of the matter remains, the

Charter is the supreme law of the land and all other laws must be Charter compliant. The Doug Ford run government seems to have forgotten the crucial role churches and other places of worship play in the health and welfare of a local community. Churches have been primary care givers for members of communities for centuries.

Proclaiming church and places of worship as non-essential has already caused great harm to the mental health of both young and old that need their church families and times of worship and preaching of the Word to remain strong and encouraged. Church was created to bring people together for times of corporate worship because we are intrinsically wired by God, our Creator, to function in close community. We are taught that isolation is dangerous to our spiritual, mental and emotional well being. Church is not to be done in isolation on our couches in-front of a computer screen. The longer church members are forced to isolate from one another the greater increase there will be in mental health issues, addiction issues, differing forms of self harm, possible family breakdown etc. We need to hold the Ford government to account and demand and secure a change to the status of church and other places of worship during such times as this pandemic.

Please carefully follow the instructions.  

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