Trumpet of Truth Christian Ministries

"Cry loudly, do not hold back; Raise your voice like a trumpet.."  Isaiah 58:1   

Praise and Worship is an exciting part of the Christian life!  It is far more than coming together and singing a few songs that lift the name of Jesus.  It is an act of our will to deliberately choose to open our hearts and mouths and to connect intimately with the Lord.  It is a sacrifice of our comfort to openly show forth our love and adoration for the One that saved us!  Be free to worship in your own way, not to disrupt or get the attention of man, but to get the attention of your Heavenly Father!  We have found that in our worship services, God often brings forth the prophetic word, healing and deliverance!  He is faithful to perform His Word and His will!  

Worship Pastor: Kathy Persia

We love prophetic worship! 
 Kathy has recently graduated from the Bethel University course in Redding California!