Trumpet of Truth Christian Ministries

"Cry loudly, do not hold back; Raise your voice like a trumpet.."  Isaiah 58:1   

Moving in Holy Spirit Power

Trumpet of Truth Christian Ministries was founded by Brad and René McIntyre on June 12, 2013 after a radical encounter René had with the Lord Dec. 2012.  Her husband and children sat wide eyed watching it unfold before their eyes as the Spirit of God poured forth revelation, healing, liquid golden love and commissioned her in her mandate. This supernatural encounter lasted 4.5 hours!

This is the fulfillment of a promise the Lord spoke to René eight years ago at which time the Lord told her He would use her voice like a trumpet!

Brad has also been touched by the power of God in an encounter just as radical which led Him to salvation many years ago.

Together they have answered the call of God on their lives to build up the body of Christ.

They have since launched a church in Woodstock at 425 Dundas St.   

We are normal, every day people that burn with passion for Jesus Christ!  We have been radically touched by the saving and healing power of God!  Our lives have been changed and are continually being transformed!

We have seen the Lord physically heal many people from many conditions including, cancer, heart disease, low blood pressure, depression, headaches, bells palsy, and much more!

Trumpet of Truth Christian Ministries is a Canadian registered charity.

Brad and René have two beautiful daughters.  Macie and Prestynn McIntyre.  Prestynn stepped out at the age of 15 to the mission field in the jungle of  Majé, Panama.  81 people accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour!